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You are invited to participate to a research study “Attitudes of Singapore veterinarians towards osteoarthritic pain in dogs”. This study is conducted by Joel Jay Martorillas, DVM, a PGT MSc student undertaking Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia at the University of Edinburgh. This research project obtained ethical approval from the R(D)SVS Human Research Ethical Review Committee of the University of Edinburgh prior to commencing data collection.

The goal of this research is to gather insights into veterinarians' approaches to osteoarthritic pain and to determine the common factors that might influence the choice of treatment. This study aims to provide valuable information on current attitudes about treating osteoarthritic pain and how the profession can move forward in approaches to osteoarthritic pain in patients.

In this study, you will be asked to fill in a survey questionnaire consisting of four sections; your perception and attitude towards osteoarthritic pain, the challenges you encountered in treating osteoarthritic pain, and your demographic information. There are 23 questions in total and it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

There are no known benefits or risks to you in this study. Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and you may choose to discontinue at any point of the survey. All your responses will be confidential and the data collected is completely anonymous. Due to this anonymity, once your responses have been submitted, it will not be possible to withdraw from the study.

If you have questions or concerns about the content of the survey or encounter any problems, please feel free to contact me at



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