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Autism Arts Festival Feedback Survey

We need your feedback!

This is a short survey for people who came to the Autism Arts Festival in Canterbury. We need your feedback to help make the Festival better in the future.

This survey should take about five minutes to complete. It is completely anonymous, so you cannot be identified from your answers. Your responses will be used to evaluate the Festival, and may be used in the report we have to submit to our funding partners. They will not be used in any other publications.  Thank you very much for your help.

About the Festival

3.3. How do you identify? Please select all that apply.
4.4. Thinking about going to cultural or arts events, do you attend the theatre:
5.5. Thinking about watching live theatre on your TV, tablet or at the cinema (such as NT Live), do you watch livestreamed theatre:

About accessibility at the Festival

6.6. What access aids did you use before or during your visit? Please select all that apply.
7.7. What other access aids would you like to see in future? Please select all that apply.

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

8.8. In terms of accessibility, what did you think of the following aspects of the Festival?

Please don't select more than 1 answer(s) per row.

Very accessibleAccessibleNot accessibleN/A
The Autism Arts Festival as a whole
The website
The booking process
The cost of tickets
The venues
The performances, films and events
The livestreamed performances (if applicable)
9.9. Have you attended the Autism Arts Festival before?