Page 1: Welcome and Information

The goals of the survey are to:

  1. survey the changes that occurred in assessment of chemistry in post-secondary education, 
  2. to identify commentary on implementation from these in practice, 
  3. and to share this practice back with the community, with the (explicit) intention of encouraging a broader assessment profile in chemistry.

The survey is being carried out by Michael Seery. I am a member of the RSC Education Division Council (EDC) and represent a small working group of Council who are interested in achieving the above goals. The survey data gained will be used solely for the production of a report which will be shared with EDC, and through publication by other means. No individual or institution will be identified in any output or in any correspondence associated with the survey. All analysis will be directly carried out by Michael Seery.

The survey is issued with the agreement of EDC and has ethical approval from my home institution. Data gathered is held on the University of Edinburgh Online Surveys tool, managed by JISC. It will be anonymised at source and not used for any purpose other than the intentions stated above. Once the report is produced, the data gathered will be deleted. A timeline of six months is intended from data gathering to data deletion.

Please note that the Education Division Council is distinct from the RSC Education Directorate, and acts only in an advisory capacity to Directorate. The intentions and opinions here are independent of Directorate. If you have further queries that you wish to raise you may contact Michael Seery or Professor Dudley Shallcross, President of the Education Division. 

1.1. If you wish to proceed with the survey please check the box to continue Required