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Climate Springboard is a Royal Bank of Scotland funded business support programme to increase businesses' resilience to Climate Change. It is delivered by Edinburgh Climate Change Institute. 

To participate, a business must:

  • Bank with the Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Have an annual turnover of <£25m

By completing this form, you are certifying both of the above are true. The forms data will be collected by Edinburgh Climate Change Institute to enrol you on the programme. It will also be shared with The Royal Bank of Scotland so they know the participants. You will be emailed within a fortnight to confirm which cohort you have been allocated to

If you have any questions, please email

We're looking forward to seeing you on the programme 

5.5. These workshops will run over a 3-week period with a two hour session each week. Which cohort would you like to apply for (select all that you could join)? Required
6.6. Please indicate the size of your business in terms of staff:
7.7. Please indicate the size of your business in terms of turnover:
8.8. Which of the following best describes the business sector within which you operate? Required
9.9. In which area are you based? If more than one site, please state main location: Required
11.11. Has your business undertaken any actions in response to climate change? Required
12.12. Please briefly describe your reasons for engaging with the programme Required