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By answering these questions, you will start the process of developing a Business Model Canvas (BMC) for a selected component of your RDM service. The BMC offers a simple template for developing a new business model or refining an existing model. Different sections of the template focus on your organisation as seen from the customer perspective, the activity perspective, the financial perspective, and the value proposition that you seek to deliver. Being able to view these different perspectives in a single place is a key strength of this approach to business modelling. For additional support on using the BCM approach and an introduction to curation costing, we recommend reviewing the Understand Costs section of the Curation Costs Exchange (CCEx) that was developed through Digital Curation Centre (DCC) particiaption in the EC-funded Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation (4C) project.   The BMC was originally proposed by Alex Osterwalder co-founder of Strategyzer.comThe BMC is intended to be worked on collaboratively however, it can be helpful to have some ideas entered into the blank BMC template to get the conversation started. It is a good idea to review the draft BMC to collect the views of other RDM working group stakeholders to see if anything is missing. Once you have complted this questionnaire, we'd recommend adding your responses to a blank BMC via Business Model Fiddle which provides a free tool for creating and sharing business models.   It is important to be clear that completing these questions alone will not give you a fully formed business plan but it will provide you with the building blocks to develop a more realistic and feasible plan that should be progressed collaboratively within your organisation. It should also be noted that your business plan will need to be reviewed and updated over time.  The information you provide will help the DCC to better understand the current RDM service landscape and identify challenges and gaps institutions are facing when developing and delivering RDM services. Please indicate if you are willing to allow DCC to use your anonymised information in aggregate.  Required