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1.1. Have you completed an investment round over the last twelve months? Required
2.2. Are you planning to raise funding this year? Required
3.3. What category of investors are you targeting? Required
4.4. Are you targeting investors outside Scotland? Required
5.5. If so, in what regions? Optional
6.6. Did Zoom and video calls allow you to keep investor relations going during the pandemic? Required
7.7. Will you also be meeting more investors in person now that restrictions are easing? Required
8.8. Do you think a hybrid model, in person and video call meetings, will be the norm going forward? Required
9.9. Are you concerned that the drop in valuations across the global technology sector will impact your own valuation? Required
10.10. Have you secured, or do you intend to access debt funding? Required
11.11. Have you secured public sector grants over the last year, or are you aiming to secure public sector grants this year? Required
a.11.a. If you have, have you secured support from the UK or Scottish Governments?
12.12. Is there enough government support for startups? Required
13.13. Has your company grown over the last year? Required
14.14. Have you increased sales over the last year? Required
15.15. Have you grown your team? Required
16.16. Are you concerned about the global economic outlook? Required
17.17. Has Brexit restricted your growth? Required
18.18. Overall, would you say you have come out of the pandemic in a stronger position to achieve growth? Required
19.19. What best describes your company working practice? Required
20.20. Have you returned to the office? Required
21.21. Are you letting staff determine how they want to work? Required
22.22. Do you have mental health and wellbeing initiatives in place? Required
23.23. Have you found it difficult to hire talent over the last twelve months? Required
24.24. Is there more competition for staff against the previous year? Required
25.25. Have you had to increasingly target talent pools outside Scotland? Required
26.26. Are software engineers and developers the hardest roles to fill? Required
27.27. Have you hired sales and marketing staff over the last twelve months? Required
28.28. Do you see the Scottish Government-commissioned Logan and Stewart reports as positives for the evolution of the tech sector here in Scotland? Required
29.29. Have you seen tangible signs of improvement in the Scottish technology ecosystem following the findings and subsequent initiatives stemming from Mark Logan’s Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review? Required
30.30. Is our tech sector outward looking enough? Required
31.31. Do you think the success of some of our tech companies in recent times has raised the profile of Scotland’s tech scene? Required
32.32. Do you think we do a good job of collaborating in the Scottish tech sector? Required
33.33. Would you say that universities play an important role in the tech ecosystem? Required
34.34. Overall, do you think we are in stronger position as a tech hub than we were a year ago? Required
35.35. Do you think Scotland is a good place from which to launch a startup and scale up? Required
36.36. Do you think there is enough collaboration in the ecosystem? Required
37.37. Which of the following do you consider most important factor to build into your company? Required
38.38. Has online training and upskilling increased since lockdown? Required
39.39. How important is it for your company to attend key tech and industry conferences? Required