Page 1: Consent Statement

Title of Project: A global investigation of educational interests and priorities among horse owners and equine stakeholders.

Description of project: This research is being carried out collaboratively between World Horse Welfare and the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

The aim of this project is to investigate equine stakeholders’ educational needs and priorities. The information gathered will be used to design educational programmes, and to rationalise future research on topics of particular interest. This study has received full ethical approval from the University of Edinburgh.

This questionnaire is expected to take approximately 15 minutes to answer. You will be asked to provide basic demographical information about yourself, and information regarding your experience with horses. You will then be asked to identify topics and potential issues that are of particular interest and relevance to you. An optional short quiz section will ask true/false and multiple-choice questions on various aspects of equine management and needs.

No personal data will be collected, and all responses are fully anonymous.


To take part in this survey you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be interested in horses, though it is not necessary to own or be directly involved with horses
  • Be willing and able to understand and respond to questions written in English. 

Your participation is voluntary. You may choose not to participate, and you may withdraw at any time until you click “Submit”. If you decide not to participate or to withdraw from the study, you will not be penalised in any way, and your responses will not be used. Once you click “Submit” you will no longer be able to withdraw your participation due to the anonymous nature of the study.

Contact information: Cynthia Naydani:

If you would like to find out the results of the study, please contact Cynthia Naydani ( after February 21, 2022.

By clicking the ‘Yes’ button, you are confirming that:

  • You meet the above eligibility criteria.
  • You understand the purpose of this study.
  • You understand that you are free to withdraw your consent for involvement, however, as the survey is anonymous, once the ‘submit’ button is clicked, it will not be possible to withdraw.
  • You understand that your name will not appear in any document relating to this study, as all information collected is completely anonymous.
  • You understand that the data collected will - though fully anonymised - appear in publications, presentations, and reports relevant to this area of research.
  • You understand that the data collected may be used as part of future ethically approved research.

By continuing and submitting a response to the survey, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above and have given informed consent.


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