Welcome to the survey

My name is Pauline Black and I am a PhD researcher at the Reid School of Music, University of Edinburgh. I am carrying out a research study exploring the learning and teaching, or facilitation, of jazz and improvisation with young people of secondary school age.

Why should I participate?

You are invited to contribute to this survey as your opinion, expertise and experience in music education is valued. 

Who will be participating?

This part of the research is focused on the range of educators and practitioners who work with young people of secondary school age across the United Kingdom. It is hoped that people with a range of experience in teaching jazz and improvisation will contribute - from those who have no experience to those who have lots of experience.

What will happen during the research?

Participation in this research involves completing the survey and is entirely voluntary. By participating in this survey - which should take around 15 minutes to complete - you are giving permission for your answers to be used anonymously as part of this study. You can skip over any questions that you are not sure about or that you'd rather not answer. Please note that your response will be treated as confidential. 

Your contribution will be stored securely on a GDPR compliant University server for 10 years for the purposes of this study. Your response may be drawn upon for the PhD researcher's thesis and any academic articles or presentations. You can withdraw your data at any time until 30.05.20 by emailing Pauline Black on P.A.Black-1@sms.ed.ac.uk. After this point analysis will have begun and so it will not be possible to withdraw your response.

The project has been reviewed by the Committee for Research Ethics Governance in the Reid School of Music, University of Edinburgh. If you have any questions about the research please get in touch with Pauline Black on P.A.Black-1@sms.ed.ac.uk

Thank you for your interest in this survey. It is hoped that this research will generate new understandings of jazz and improvisation and how it is perceived and experienced by educators and the young people they work with.  


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