Page 1: Participant information sheet



Fitness regime management of upper level event horses and the incidence of distal limb injuries: A survey of upper level riders across the globe



You are being asked to take part in a research study on the types of fitness programs that preliminary (United States)/novice (UK)/CCI2*S or L and above riders use to achieve an ideal fitness level of their horses. Through this study, it will be investigated if a certain type of fitness program regime correlates to reporting of injuries of the distal (knee/hock down) limb and the geographical differences in fitness programs and injuries. My name is Jill Thomas and I will be conducting this study with the help of Jenni Douglas. This study is being carried out through the University of Edinburgh and it has been approved by the RDSVS Human Research Ethics Committee.



In this study, you will be asked to answer questions in a survey pertaining to the fitness program of each individual horse. Questions will ask about horse demographics, geographical location, and fitness program including duration, injury types, and what the horse is doing now. Please answer the questions in the time frame of the 2018 and 2019/2020 event seasons. All answers will be anonymous. The study will be done online through the JISC online survey tool.



The study typically takes 5 to 10 minutes across one session. 



You may decide to stop being a part of the research study at any time without explanation. 

You have the right to ask that any data you have supplied to that point be withdrawn/destroyed. 

You have the right to omit or refuse to answer or respond to any question that is asked of you.

You have the right to have your questions about the procedures answered (unless answering these questions would interfere with the study’s outcome). If you have any questions as a result of reading this information sheet, you should ask the researcher before the study begins.



There are no known benefits or risks for you in this study.



Your participation in this study is voluntary. 



The data we collect does not contain any personal information. No one will link the data you provided to the identifying information you supplied (e.g., name, address, email).


This study may be published in scientific journals or presented at a conference. The data collected will have no personal information and the participants will not be identifiable. 



Jenni Douglas will be glad to answer your questions about this study at any time. You may contact her at

If you want to find out about the final results of this study, you should contact the primary researcher.