Page 1: iAtlantic General Assembly 2023 Registration Form

The final iAtlantic General Assembly will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK on 9-13 October 2023 at the University of Edinburgh.

The first two days will include series of plenary sessions in the beautiful Playfair Library with an option of remote participation and registration open to anyone interested. This will be followed by closed iAtlantic sessions and writing retreat in Edinburgh University's Pollock Estate, the second part will be open to iAtlantic Consortium members or by invitation only.

Key Dates:

28 April 2023

Registration & abstract submission opens

03 July 2023

Deadline for abstract submission

15 August 2023

All submissions reviewed & confirmed

30 August 2023

In-person registration close

15 September

Deadline for submission of pre-recorded talks for remote participants

30 September 2023

Online registration close

6 – 7 October 2023

High Seas Treaty Symposium

9 – 10 October 2023

iAtlantic General Assembly: Open Plenary Sessions

11 – 13 October 2023

iAtlantic General Assembly: Closed Sessions & Writing Retreat

Abstract submission

All members of iAtlantic Consortium are welcome to submit an abstract about their research, which will then be reviewed by the Steering Committee and assigned to one of the 3 following categories:

  1. Research Highlight (Day 1) – a short and impactful presentation in one of the following sessions:
  • Priority 1—Atlantic oceanography and ecosystem connectivity
  • Priority 2— Mapping Atlantic ecosystems
  • Priority 3—Drivers of ecosystem change and tipping points
  • Priority 4—Impact of multiple stressors
  • Priority 5—Spatial and temporal management and protection
  • Priority 6—Capacity building, policy, stakeholder engagement and outreach
  1. Science Symposium (Day 2) – we will also have a limited number of longer slots on the second day for more in-depth research presentations of the iAtlantic science outcomes.
  2. Posters (Day 1 and Day 3) – poster sessions will be an important element of the final General Assembly and an excellent opportunity to discuss the results with your peers.

To submit an abstract, please fill in the GA-2023 Abstract Template Document and send to by 15 July 2023, please add ‘GA-2023 Abstract Submission’ in the email title.


We can't wait to welcome you to Edinburgh! The Pollock Hall estate offers rooms at the two hotels on sight, called the Scott Hotel and the Scholar Hotel that are both located beside the main General Assembly venue, and have been beautifully renovated recently, and would be a great place to stay for the General Assembly.

The guests of the General Assembly can book rooms at a special discounted rate – please visit the booking service at and use a promotion code EVENT to get 15% discount off the booking.

Please make sure to complete the booking as soon as possible to secure a room!

Please do not hesitate to contact the Project Office ( for any queries. More details about the event are available on iAtlantic website

To register for the Final iAtlantic General Assembly, please complete the registration form below in full.

Are you a part of iAtlantic Consortium (Researcher, Fellow, Abvisory Board, Science Council)? Required
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Some segments of this event will be recorded and images and videos produced from the event may be publically available on the iAtlantic website and in other outreach and dissemination activities.  *Please email the Project Office for further details or to make special arrangements if you do not consent to being recorded during this event.  Required
Do you require a certificate of attendance? Required
Are you interested in attending a potential field trip on a Saturday after the GA (14 October)? *A half-day or a day-trip to a location in Scotland outside of Edinburgh, details tbc Required