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Colleagues are invited to submit expressions of interest in participating in the commissioning of the Rubin Observatory no later than 5pm, October 30, 2020. Expressions of interest received before 5pm, September 11, 2020 will receive full consideration for inclusion in LSST:UK’s In-kind Proposal that itself is due to be submitted on September 25, 2020. At this stage firm commitments to spend time in Chile are not required – expressions of interest are sufficient.

Further information is available in the Call for Expressions of Interest and the recent LSST:UK Commissioning Briefing Paper. Colleagues are encouraged to email Graham Smith ( and Bob Mann ( with any questions, ideas, or concerns relating to Rubin commissioning.  Questions relating to this form and any technical difficulties encountered should be directed to George Beckett (

Before proceeding with this application, you are invited to read the LSST:UK Consortium's Privacy Statement which explains how the information you enter here will be used.

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