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Thank you visitng. The form below will be used to collect and publish your details via a public Google spreadsheet of "criminologically relevant" Mastodon accounts. Criminologically relevant can be taken broadly, and can cover domains of policy and academic research, and the list welcomes anyone regardless of career stage, from those aspiring to do criminological work, through students starting out, all levels of study, work and research, and those retirees not yet ready to hang up their criminological boots. Maybe it doesn't need saying, but criminologically relevant also includes the voices asking critical and challenging questions about the discipline. 

To ask others to complete, please send them this link:

To view the spreadsheet (updated manually):

If you ever wish to remove your answers, please contact Andy:

The survey tool and form will be kept live and public until 31 March 2023. 

The data will be retained until 5 January 2024. 

Thank you to Heidi Li Feldman at the Georgetown University Law Centre, whose form for those interested in Law has been used as the basis for this form. 


7.7. If another list of Mastodon accounts is created with overlaps with this list of criminology-related accounts, may we share your information?