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Thank you for filling in this feedback form! The information you provide here will help me improve future versions of Neuron Safari. Please answer with what you honestly think - if you do not know, or are not sure, it's fine to leave an answer blank.

Parents/Guardians: There's a seperate section following this one for you to complete if you wish. If you have any queries/questions please email me at I am happy to share the general outcomes of the feedback on request. No personal data is required or obtained from this questionnaire.


All questions are optional, and all but three are about Minecraft and Neuron Safari.

Section 1: What did you think of the Neuron Safari?

1.1. Do you think Neuron Safari is fun to play?
2.2. Have you learned things in Neuron Safari that you did not know?
a.2.a. That's great! What did you learn?
3.3. Was it easy to make everything work?
6.6. Did Neuron Safari make it easier to learn about the brain and how neurons work?
8.8. Did you find the Secret Library?

Psst...The way to get there is hidden in the Cell Communication laboratory...


(email me if you still can't find it!)