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Welcome to the consent form to join our Participants Database!

The Patrick Wild Centre is creating a Participants Database for people interested in supporting our research. To know more about the Participants Database, please visit the Register with the PWC page. If you have questions about the database, please visit the Participants Database FAQ page and the Privacy Notice page.

Once you have completed this consent form, you will be added to our Participants Database, but you can ask to be removed at any time (for more information, please visit the Participants Database FAQ page). 

As you will see in the consent form, we ask you for a few personal details. We collect these details to make sure that we only contact you with research opportunities that are relevant for you, based on your personal details. For more information, please visit the Participants Database FAQ page and the Privacy Notice page. 


We thank you for joining our Participants Database, and we look forward to meeting you!


When you are ready, click on "Next" below to access the consent form. Once you have completed the consent form, please click on "Finish" at the end of the page to securely save your response and finish the form.