Page 1: Welcome to the Royal Historical Society LGBT+ Survey 2019



Recent grassroots initiatives have raised awareness of the many different perspectives and challenges that the historical profession needs to think about and engage with.

As part of a wider effort to understand and meet the needs of active historians at all career stages, the Royal Historical Society is running a working group on LGBT+ histories and historians which seeks to collect robust data on the current state of the discipline with regard to LGBT+ histories and historians.

This work follows the very successful 2018 reports on Gender and on Race, Ethnicity and Equality, which are currently being widely discussed in History departments and in conferences and workshops across the country.

We now want to find out more about the research, teaching and dissemination of LGBT+ histories, as well as the experience of LGBT+ historians.

  • What works?
  • What are the barriers?
  • What does good practice look like?

We aim to provide departments / schools / faculties in Higher Education Providers or anyone else involved in historical research and dissemination with a platform for promoting good practice with respect to equality, diversity and inclusion.

We urge ALL historians to complete the following survey to help us answer these and other questions.

You do not have to be a Member or Fellow of the RHS to complete the survey: We would like to hear from students, independent researchers, retirees, and historians outside academic institutions however or wherever they might work and study.

The survey also includes an opportunity for you to tell us about any factors that you think we ought to have covered differently. We are very keen to collect your ideas and views and will use the responses to help shape a report for publication by the Society in 2020.

The more replies we receive, the more credible the report will be.

So please circulate this questionnaire, discuss it, tweet about it and, most importantly of all, please complete it by 30 September 2019.

Thank you.

Professor Frances Andrews
Vice-President and Chair of the LGBT+ Working Group
Royal Historical Society