This is a survey from the Royal Historical Society’s Race, Ethnicity & Equality Working Group:

  • The Working Group recognises that Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) historians are severely underrepresented at all academic levels in UK higher educational institutions (HEIs) and that UK HEI curricula, and the archives and libraries which support their work, often fail to reflect the rich histories of racial and ethnic minority groups. 
  • We recognize that the term BME is problematic, but have chosen to use it to maintain comparisons between our findings and data already collected by HEFCE. 
  • The survey is open to all UK-based research students at Masters and PhD level in history, and UK university-based researchers and teachers of history. Respondents are asked to answer with respect to their own institutional unit where relevant. All responses will be anonymous and the RHS will not hold any data that identifies the respondent.
  • In dialogue with the RHS’s Gender Working Group (and conscious of the importance of intersectional identities), the WG seeks to provide UK-based university departments/schools/faculties and other institutions involved in historical research and dissemination with robust data on the current state of the discipline with regard to race and ethnicity and to create a platform for effecting meaningful change.

The survey should take around 15-30 minutes to complete. We appreciate your time and thought, which will inform and help to shape our discussions.  We will publish a report in autumn 2018 raising awareness of discrimination and recommending best practice for HEIs to help them remove barriers and deterrents to BME involvement in UK-based university-level History teaching, research and public engagement.

This survey closes on 31 May 2018.